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Insane Mary Jane's Country & Western Store

Linne gult med spets The Only Hell My Mama Ever Raised

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Linne i 100% bomull.
Lagom tjockt tyg för att hålla och lagom tunt för att vara skönt.
Handsydda och tryckta av Bandit Brand, ett litet företag i Californien.
Bandit Brand:
We make Nostalgic American Vintage Style T Shirts. Most T Shirt art is vintage or hand drawn. No trends forecasting, no seasons, no cares of what's "hot" or "in style". Just plain ol vintage style tees that are made to be genuinely loved by their owners. (Preferably while listening to Waylon Jennings or Black Sabbath).
We cut, sew, and dye all of our own fabric. All shirts are made with 100% pre-washed & pre-shrunk cotton. Each shirt is also hand printed when ordered, that way we do our part in being sustainable and avoid waste.